Wednesday, May 1, 2013

"The Writer's Voice" Lottery Is Live!

Welcome to “The Writer’s Voice” 2013! To enter, your manuscript must meet two conditions: First, it must be COMPLETE, POLISHED, AND READY TO QUERY, and second, it must be in one of the following genres:

YA fiction (all subgenres)
MG fiction (all subgenres)

Also, YOU MUST HAVE A BLOG TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS CONTEST, as we’ll be building our teams via “The Writer’s Voice” Blogfest (which starts tomorrow). You don’t have to have a blog this moment to enter, but you will need to create one by tomorrow if you win a spot in the blogfest (which is what today’s Rafflecopter lottery will determine).

For more information, including a timeline of events and a list of this year’s participating agents, check out this post. Then feel free to enter the Rafflecopter lottery anytime between now and 9:00 p.m. EDT!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Last but not least, a quick shout-out to Kimberly Chase, our gadget wizard while Brenda’s out of town! Now you know who will swoop in and save the day if we have any technology malfunctions:)


Noelle Henry said...

Hooray to all the lottery winners! I can't wait to see all the fabulous entries! :)

Have to say the Rafflecopter entry system looks so much easier (and smoother) than last year's process. Way to go for finding a way to smooth out the wrinkles!

Leslie S. Rose said...

Gushing thanks from a VERY grateful participant.

Anonymous said...

Do we post the query complete with information about ourselves, work experience,publishing credits etc? Or do we just post the description of the novel? Thanks so much for this.

Krista Van Dolzer said...

Yes, Noelle, this year's submission process has run ten thousand times more smoothly. I suggested using a lottery, and Brenda suggested using Rafflecopter to administer it. She's not our technology guru for nothing! :)

You're welcome, Leslie! Good luck!

Good question, Anon! You just need to post the plot summary. If you post more than that, it's fine, but we're only going to use the plot summary in the agent round.

Elizabeth Dimit said...

So if we made the lottery, how do we sign up on the widget?

Krista Van Dolzer said...

Sorry, Elizabeth, I haven't been online all evening! Just sent you an e-mail...