Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Beta Reader Browse

I started blogging to connect with other writers and specifically to find a few good beta readers, and boy, did I ever. I met Myrna, LieslJeni, and Kayeleen through this blog and theirs, Ben through a blog contest, and Amy and Kelly through a blog post much like this one on Kiersten Writes. Since it worked so well for me, I thought I'd pay it forward.

If you're looking for a beta reader/critique partner, leave a comment on this post with the following information:

1. The genre of your manuscript
2. A few sentences about it
3. What you're looking for in a beta reader/critique partner (e.g., a conceptual critique of your full manuscript, a line edit of your first three chapters, or whatever)
4. Your e-mail address

So leave a listing, browse the others, and find a new CP or four. It's been two years since I met Amy and Kelly through that blog post, and we're still good friends and beta readers. I hope the same happens for you.


Karen lee Hallam said...

Fantastic! I'm a member of SCBWI and still having trouble locating betas. My first ms (upper MG) is off with for a line-by line edit with friend and editor, however, my WIP is being writing now--the rough draft, that is.
I would most likely need a beta reader when it's finished being drafted. right?
Well, its an upper MG, boys adventure story, so far. Thanks Krista. I needed this. :) I'm happy to beta MG/YA I am a mother of tweens and spend too much time with young people. --which i love-'cause they're super cool.

A. K. Fotinos-Hoyer said...

Perfect timing! Thank you for setting this up :)

I am looking for a Beta reader for my YA Urban Fantasy (60,000 words) about a young Necromancer. For a complete summary, Click Here

I am looking for high level critique on the overall plot, characterization, pacing, and romance. And I am open to swaps :)

Carrie-Anne said...

I've got two WIPs at the moment, as well as a bunch of other completed books I wouldn't mind having critique partners for. I write 20th century historical, with both adult and teen/preteen characters. (For various reasons, I'm reconsidering querying some of my books as YA, but for the moment, I still technically consider my historicals with younger characters to be YA.)

My first WIP is set in Atlantic City and Wildwood from 1946-47, and is the second volume to the upper YA historical I completed in April. It's about a young couple from the Netherlands and the culture clashes they experience as new American immigrants, including the wife's search for a midwife in the twilight sleep era and the struggles she goes through as the most radical member of a young wives club.

My second WIP is set in Albany and Hudson Falls from 1979-84, and is the third volume in a contemporary historical family saga and somewhat of a modern retelling of Margaret Sidney's Phronsie Pepper. The MC reconnects with an old family friend at college, with their 5-year age difference no longer so pronounced, but her siblings and close family friends have a hard time seeing her as a real adult after years of being the family baby. But when her young nieces become Duranies, an unexpected opportunity opens up for Justine to prove herself once and for all as a responsible, mature adult.

I'd appreciate someone to read my manuscripts, mostly focusing on whether characters are believable and relatable, if everything in the plot trajectory flows well, etc. I have a bit of an old-fashioned, slower-paced, more literary style at times, so I'd appreciate someone who understands that that's not an incorrect way to write, just a little different from what's popular now.

E-mail: CarrieAnne79 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Carla Luna Cullen said...

Thanks, Krista! I'm looking for a beta reader for my current manuscript. I'd love someone to read through it and give me an overall conceptual critique, as well as input on pacing, characters, etc (my awesome CP already does great line edits for me!). I'd be happy to do a swap.

I write YA fantasy and romance. The book I'm working on(68K word ms) is a futuristic twist on the Pied Piper fairy tale, about a 17 year old girl living in the slums outside Los Angeles. It has romantic elements, though it's not strictly a romance, more of a fantasy.

Email: carlalunacullen(at)gmail(dot)com


L.M. Miller said...

Thanks for setting this up. I'd appreciate any sort of feedback on my YA fantasy. It really needs a run through looking for characterizarion, plot, and pacing. It's a fantasy with some romance, but deals more with revenge and adventure. There's a bit of violence. Other things in the works are a MG fantasy, YA fantasy, YA/adult scifi, and YA urban fantasy. I like reading everything.



Amy L. Sonnichsen said...

I forgot we met on the Kiersten White blog! How funny! :) So glad we did!! <3


Nazarea Andrews said...
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Nazarea Andrews said...

Hi! And thanks for doing this!!
Okay, I'm looking for a beta for overall issues--characterization, dialogue, plot holes, , pacing, ect. I'm good at returning that, but I'm not good at grammar. (So if you are and are willing to take me on, knowing I'm no help in that department, I'd love you forever. Promise.)
My WIP is a YA sci-fi about psychic twins stolen from their home world and sold into slavery. I've gotten great feedback from my current CP's (whom I adore) but there is only a few of them, and I'd love more eyes on my project before I begin querying.
My email is:

Look forward to hearing from you! :)

the type writer said...

thanks so much for this krista! i've really struggled with finding a CP (so much trust being exchanged there!). i have one, who is the bees knees, but could use another for sure! as for betas, i'm open, but already have a few of those, so am more in the market for a good CP.

right now i have one finished novel which has gotten decent interest from agents and i've had it edited by a pro, but it hasn't been picked up. so in my mind there must be something missing. it's about witches, a curse, a modern love story, and the 17th century witch trials. while i feel it falls under a few genres i catagorize it as paranormal. i also need help on deciding whether it needs to go YA or adult (my editor felt it could easily (somehow) go either way).

i also have a YA sci fi/dystopian WIP that i'd love feedback on.

i'm, of course, happy to swap projects! looking forward :) jessica

ashley said...

1. Middle Grade Fantasy

2. It's about a 10 year old who wakes up with a different superpower every day, and he can't control or predict the powers from day to day. One day he is invisible and the next he can teleport. He gets his first power on the last day of fourth grade.

3. I need fresh eyes to let me know when things are too slow or are confusing. Basically a gut-check for awkward parts and pacing.

4. keeneay@gmail.com

Megan said...

This is great! I would like to find a CP to bounce ideas off of and brainstorm with and just generally go through the whole process!

My current WIP is set on an isolated island and is loosely based on the story of Jonah. My next idea is a little more fantasy inspired by some Scottish mythology.

My strength is pretty words and my weakness is pacing. In August I'll graduate with an MFA and I like to believe I've learned SOMETHING in those two years. :)

email is megan.orsini@gmail.com.

Jeff Chen said...

Thanks for doing this Krista! Really appreciate it.

I could use another beta reader for my current MG, entitled "Keep it Under Your Hat". It's about two green pygmy flying elephants who sneak into England under two explorers' top hats, and attempt to destroy the British Empire.

This is the seventh book I've written (I have one book out with a couple of agents, but have shelved all the others). I'd love to trade with someone who's equally dedicated to improving through critique and introspection from one book to the next.

Ashley or Karen, does this fit for you? Both your novels sound like fun!

jeffchen1972 (at) gmail (dot) com

Alwyn said...

This is great! I would love to have a critique partner with a fresh set of eyes to go over my whole manuscript for characterization, plot, the whole deal and of course happy to swap and do the same!

I write YA, mainly Fantasy and my current WIP has hit that point in revision where I can't see the woods for the trees anymore. It's set in a city divided between humans and mages that is on the brink of a civil war, and revolves around a Mage girl who must pass for human to spy on the enemy.

I can be reached at alwynhamilton (at) gmail (dot) com


the type writer said...

oopsies, forgot my email address *fails at reading instructions*:
jessikafleck (at) gmail (dot) com

Brittany Pate said...

Woohoo! I've been searching for a beta reader for a while now. Thanks, Krista!

I'm in desperate need of a beta reader for my romantic fantasy. Be warned, it's heavy on the romance.

It's about a half-demon who struggles to control her power. She gets drawn into a secret war by a man who has been feared and hated for the last eight hundred years.

I'd love an overall critique on characterization, pacing, plot... Pretty much anything. I would glady reciprocate.


Stephanie [Luxe Boulevard] said...

What a wonderful idea. I attend a critique group, but no one is within my genre. I write Romance and would love to connect with other romance writers/interested beta readers.

I have finished a contemporary romantic suspense about a couple who find themselves thrust--and trapped--within the world of underground fighting. I would really like a fresh set of eyes to go through it, give any tips on style, flow and voice. I have revolving POV's and it is sometimes difficult to keep voice maintained between each of them.

While that is one done, I have another contemporary romance (not suspense) that is still in rough draft mode. I'm about 57,000 words in. I'm a panster, so that will definitely need glancing over. LOL!


Ryan said...

Krista, you rock!
My ms is YA dystopian (but not hard core, more of a light science fiction with a fantasy twist.)
Okay it's a mutt.
It's about a race of people who have colored glowing palms.
Here's the query and first page:
Also, have another one I'd like to fix that's YA paranormal mystery. (About a girl who can stop her heart and send her soul out to spy on the neighbors.)
I need a Beta Reader who can see the overall story and let me know when I'm going off track.

Katie said...

Hi! Thanks Krista!

My WIP is women's fiction. I'm about 30k into it.

It's about a foul-mouthed pastry chef struggling to be the next Martha Stewart.

I'd love someone who wouldn't mind checking out chapters as I go. I love detailed feedback and am not afraid of any kind of (constructive!) criticism.

I'm a fan of chick lit, fantasy, YA, and some romance. If anyone has a project that needs another set of eyes, hit me up. I read for plot structure, grammar, and syntax mostly.


Ella Schwartz said...

Hi there! Thanks for doing this Krista!

I have a MG fantasy novel called TEMPLE FALLS (complete at 55K words) that I would really LOVE another set of eyes on. Line edits are not necessary (but I would never turn them away - thank you very much). I'm really looking for general comments about plot, characters, pacing, what works, and what stinks.

TEMPLE FALLS follows the story of Nara, a former princess (banished from the castle), who can hear the Gods in her dreams; and those Gods are ANGRY. The Gods cast terrible plagues on the kingdom, and it is up to Nara to decipher the mystery clues. But to do so, she must work with her nemesis, a mere commoner, before the plagues destroy everything.

There are a few MG fantasy writers on this thread - Hi there Ashley, Karen, and Jeff *big waves*. Would love to band together!

I can be reached at ella(at)ellaschwartz(dot)net

Dana said...

Thanks, Krista!

My current wip is a MG contemp. story about a boy who is trying to "shake" his awkward (Asperger's) friend as he enters middle school. He's also trying to leave his baseball team for one with a winning record.

There's some play by play action, some humor, and themes of friendship and loyalty.

I have 8 chapters done and I anticipste no more than 35k when complete.

I have one new beta reader and I'd love to be part of a group.

I can be reached at Edwards15@comcast.net

Kimberly Gabriel said...

I am looking for a 30ish page swap of my YA thriller with paranormal elements. I pulled it from querying a month or so ago to rework the beginning after receiving feedback that the beginning doesn't work. I've rewritten this thing so many times now, I can't see straight. I'd love to get a fresh opinion.

My pitch: A fifteen year old amnesic dead girl gets stuck helping another lip-glossed and venomous teen prevent a vengeful school shooting, only to discover the real story behind her own murder.

I can be found at gabrielkt920(at)gmail(dot)com

Leslie S. Rose said...

Good wishes for everyone to find good CP's. I'd die without mine.

Lori L. Clark said...

What a wonderful idea!

I'm looking for a critique partner or two for my YA contemporary romance. It's about a 17 year old girl who is obese and struggling to get people to take her musical talent seriously, instead of judging her for her appearance.

I'm about 40K words into what I expect to be about a 65K word novel.

I'm looking for feedback on my writing style and voice and to see if things flow and/or fit together. A critique partner.


Elizabeth Prats said...

Hey Lovelies!

Yay thanks Krista :) So I've got a YA Greek Myth retelling. It's actually a lesser known myth--Cupid and Psyche. My main character's (Alexandra) love life is utterly nonexistent, until she meets Cupid and decides to steal his dart gun. Think Sophie Kinsella meets Rick Riordan.

No need for feedback on grammar and the like. That I can comb through on my own. I'm looking for chapter by chapter feedback on the overall plot, character development, pacing and voice. It's told from the dual POV of Cupid and Alexandra. Manuscript is about 52k.

Of course, I'm open to repaying the favor. :) Preferably with someone who writes YA, fantasy, MG, romance etc.

Find me at eprats1 (at) gmail (dot) com


Krissy said...

I'm on the hunt for a few beta readers for my contemporary YA. I've been slaving over my first MS and would love some feedback.

It's about a 17 year old girl who discovers (by accident) that she's adopted and the lengths she goes to hunt down her birth mother.

If you're interested - krissy(AT)krissybradfield.com

Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, awesome! I just signed a publishing contract today w/ a small indie publisher so I could really use some Betas/CP's:) My ms is a YA paranormal love story. I'd really just love any feedback, I'm not picky! Here's a summary: Seventeen-year-old Olga is dead, she just doesn’t know it yet. When her crush is killed in an accident, Olga feels responsible and ends her life. During her after-death purification process, her spirit guide poses as a therapist and suggests Olga compile a list of eighteen things to complete by her eighteenth birthday. Olga puts into practice the lessons her quest has taught her until Nate, the hottie who also unknowingly travels through the purification process, asks her out. She discovers opening her heart to love is the hardest task of all but if she doesn’t, she risks losing her soul forever.
email: info@jamieayres.com

Julia K said...
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Julia K said...

This is so wonderful Krista!!
I write YA fantasy and am not quite ready for a beta yet but would love to help people out now and then maybe get help when the time is right for me?
keanini23 (at) gmail (dot) com

Jen Malone said...

Yay, Krista! This is such a welcome post.

I'm in two crit groups but both are more chapter by chapter line edits and I would really love a beta reader to comment on overall arc, pacing, consistent use of voice, etc. Happy to swap, though I'm probably not the best reader for fantasy, dystopian or paranormal (though I remain in serious awe of anyone who can world build!).

My current WIP is upper MG/lower YA and has a bit of a"Clueless"/ABC Family vibe to it- it's about a 13 yo who inherits a large sum of money and her parents mysteriously give her full reign to spend it as she pleases. At first she has some crazy fun, but soon realizes money can cause as many problems as it can solve. There is a subplot "first romance" and some mean girls thrown in for fun.

Email is jenmalone1@comcast.net


misstante said...

Wow! This is great! I'd love to swap first pages or few chapters or whole manuscript! My realistic ya is about a high school wrestler dealing with family issues, including a bulimic sister. And I also have a novel about a new widow who discovers her 'perfect' husband was perfect at all. Krista, you are the BEST!
ferris at waldenloghomes dot com

Tory Michaels said...

Love this idea. Thanks for hosting the post! I could really use a beta reader/crit partner.

I'm currently working on the third book in my Dream-Walker War series (book 1 was Para-Rom with strong UF slant, book 2 was UF with a burgeoning romance - no HEA, hence UF rather than Para-Rom).

Book 3 (tentatively titled Dreams of Blood) is Para-Rom with a strong UF slant (finishing the romance started in book 2). One of the things I need most is someone who doesn't know the storyline as well as my normal reader, to make sure it's still comprehensible, even if you 'haven't' read the first two books in the series, not to mention gaping plot holes or deus ex machina moments.

torymichaels(@)live(.)com is me!

Jean M Malone said...

Literally perfect timing.

I'm looking for a critique partner to help with my realistic/contemporary YA ms about a boy whose family became Ren Faire performers to avoid dealing with their Mother's death. It is complete, but undergoing revision. Currently about 54k, but I expect it to grow with revision.

I am especially interested in evaluating plot and pacing, as this is not an action novel.

If interested: jean(dot)m(dot)malone(at)gmail(dot)com

Temre Beltz said...

Thank you so much for organizing this, Krista! I have been wanting a CP for awhile. What a great opportunity :) I write mostly MG books with the occassional YA.

I just finished drafting a contemporary fantasy/adventure upper-MG that's around 77,000 words. It centers on a girl who finds herself stuck in a classroom full of "different" kids. Of course, she's positive a mistake has been made and gravitates toward the only other "normal" kid in the room. Only maybe he's not so normal, and maybe her classroom is merely one tiny pocket of a whole other world that, up until now, has remained (relatively) hidden.

I would love to exchange MSs for general comments, overall flow, etc. I'm a stay-at-home mom to two little girls, and I just started a blog over at http://temrebeltz/blogspot.com. My email is temrebeltz(at)hotmail.com. I hope to connect with someone!

Jennifer E. McFadden said...

Thanks for organizing this, Krista! I'm working on an adult short story that I need a few beta readers. I love fresh eyes with constructive criticism which helps me with my revisions.

My email is: jenemcfadden(at)gmail.com

Kathleen Basi said...

Such a great idea!

My MS is women's fiction. It's the story of a woman who marries into a wine-country fairy tale, only to discover that there is no such thing as a fairy tale. As she navigates a marriage that isn't what she expected, the resurfacing of an old flame, and her father's illness, she has to figure out what to do when a person who believes that marriage is forever comes face to face with the possibility that she married the wrong man.

I'm looking for big-picture edits. I've had conflicting opinions on use of flashback, and I'd like fresh eyes.

Email me at kathleenbasi@gmail.com

Amber Forbes said...

1. I suppose mine would be a YA paranormal romance.

2.After Amelia Gareth inadvertently murders her best friend, she realizes the convent life may not be for her. However, there is much more to this murder than Amelia realizes, and the answers lie in a boy she has known since coming to the convent--a boy she has suppressed, forbidden feelings for.

3.I just want an overall critique of the plot, character development, things like that, like what I could do to make a certain chapter better or character better.

4. thedancingwriter@gmail.com

Cephyr13 said...

Sci-fi Romance Adventure

At a young age, Ian Sharp discovers that he has unusual powers that plague him. The day before graduation, he slips up and accidentally reveals his powers. On the run from hunters, Ian finds himself in a hidden, underground city--a sanctuary for people with powers--where he meets the only girl without powers, Abby. The book is told through the eyes of Abby and Ian.

Need a female critique partner for her impressions and input on female character. I'd like a conceptual critique for the entire Book One manuscript for now. After the second draft is complete, I'll need a line-by-line edit. I'm a decent editor.



Keisha Martin said...

1. The genre of your manuscript
Young Adult Paranormal Romance 100K currently revising with support of professional editor.
2. A few sentences about it
Seventeen-year old life changes when she's confronted by a faceless figure who is later revealed to be a vampire that is motivated by controlling her because he wants to take over ruling all the vampire covens and humans. It's about her love triangle with a human and a vampire, the one she's supposed to be with. And it's about the battle between good and evil.
3. What you're looking for in a beta reader/critique partner (e.g., a conceptual critique of your full manuscript, a line edit of your first three chapters, or whatever)
I am looking for a consistent partner ship with a CP/Beta for this book and few more, the swap can be chapters at a time, focusing on plot, authenticity of the way teens respond,conflict etc.
4. Your e-mail address

Lauren said...

I'm always looking for Beta readers. I actually have six novels that need beta readers, all of them adult fantasy (in a sense).

In reality, what I need most is people who can evaluate a plot. These are first drafts and I can't continue with them until I know what problems there are with the plot--I just can't see this in my own work!


Karen lee Hallam said...

I'm going to contact the other MG and Upper MG writers on this thread.* HI guys!* As it turns out I'm now searching for a beta reader for my upper MG adventure, mystery about a 12 year old girl in search of several things. The temp. query is here http://www.karenleehallam.com/2011/10/abegale-force-new-hopefully-improved.html

I'm in need of line-edits. If anyone has suggestions for tha, please leave me an email, which i forgot last time i left message here: karenhallam (at) ymail (dot) com Thank you Krista--and all of you magical writers!

Karen lee Hallam said...
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Karen lee Hallam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Karen lee Hallam said...

I started an MG Beta Readers yahoo group. I sent an invitation to those on here, who write MG, and may like to join.

Anyone else who finds this thread, and has MG or 'upper' MG and would like a beta reader, or more, please join the group--oops, doesn't appear to work. Argh, I'm so challenged. I will get back with the correct link. sorry. but it's 'MG beta readers yahoo group'
Trying again: MGbetareaders@yahoogroups.com (sorry for excess posts Krista) hope that works--otherwise email me and i'll send an invite.

Karen lee Hallam said...

I started an MG Beta Readers yahoo group. I sent an invitation to those on here, who write MG, and may like to join.

Anyone else who finds this thread, and has MG or 'upper' MG and would like a beta reader, or more, please join the group--oops, doesn't appear to work. Argh, I'm so challenged. I will get back with the correct link. sorry. but it's 'MG beta readers yahoo group'
Trying again: MGbetareaders@yahoogroups.com (sorry for excess posts Krista) hope that works--otherwise email me and i'll send an invite.

Kathy Sloan said...

The genre for my ms is women's fiction

It is a story about a wife and mother who runs away because she feels invisible. She leaves in her car in the middle of the night to drive across the country. Her vacation, however, never ends.

I am looking for someone who can give me a critique of my full ms and help me identify any plot holes or areas for improvement.

I would be happy to do the same for anyone else! My email is kathymsloan@gmail.com

ChanteƩ Hale said...

YA Sci-Fi (Currently. I tend to read/write dark YA sci-fi and Fantasy)

Everything I write is dark, and typically pretty fast paced. I’m struggling with the pitch on this one but it goes something like this – Seventeen year old Arie is pregnant in a world on the brink of destruction but in order to survive she’s going to have to discover the truth.

I’m looking for: honesty, people who are willing to swap fulls (beta readers) and read more for flow/content (plot/character continuity) than grammar & spelling. I’ve got a couple of really awesome critique partners but could use a couple more.

Chantee (at) chanteehale (dot) com

Kelly Bryson said...

I love watching matchmaking happen:) And has it really been 2 years? Holy moly- time flies!

Krista- have you heard of "Countdown" by Deborah Wiles? It has a 11 or 12 year old female narrator that has a quirky insightful take on what happens during the cuban missile crisis. It totally reminded me of Bob. Or Steve? I've got them confused in my head. Whatever, you know what I'm talking about, right?

Scholastic published it, she thanks production editor Joy Simpkins and copy editor Susan Casel. Great book- we got it for Isaac's summer reading, it's on the SC book award list.

I wish Wiles had made an effort at presenting some of the reasons the US was against communism instead of treating it like just another choice in government, instead of, say, an evil system designed to crush resistance and take away people's freedoms of speech, worship, pursuit of happiness, etc.

The format was great as well- historical pics and propaganda stills, really great context.

Krista Van Dolzer said...

Kelly, I hadn't heard of it, but thanks for the recommendation!

Eric Hawkins, Jr. said...

Genre: YA Fantasy
What It's About: An unusual brother/sister duo must save the land of fairy tales from a mysterious villain bent on destroying it.
What I'm Looking For: Someone who can help me make this novel as close to perfect as possible. I'll need help with spelling/grammar corrections as well as word usage.
E-Mail: ehawkjr92@yahoo.com

Myrna Foster said...

I'm not looking, but I love that you're doing this! I couldn't ask for better CPs, especially you. :o)

James Gravil said...

"Tamria", YA Fantasy, 83k words. Humourous fairytale adventure in a similar style to Neil Gaiman's "Stardust", Terry Goldman's "The Princess Bride" and the "Discworld" series by Terry Pratchett.

A band of misfit thieves undertake a mission to kidnap a princess, and find themselves at the heart of a power struggle between three countries and a world-threatening conspiracy.

(Not an amazing short pitch, I know, but I just thought it up off the top of my head and let's be honest, would "Harry Potter", "Lord of the Rings" or "Star Wars" sound amazing to someone who had never heard of them if you had to condense them into a single sentence?)

I've been editing "Tamria" with the help of several people - including published authors and professional editors - on Authonomy for several months, but I'm always on the lookout for beta readers. I would like honest and constructive criticism. If you would like me to read and comment on your book in turn, I'll be happy to do that. I'm serious about finding an agent for this and I've had a lot of help with my query letter also, but I'm sure it can be improved. The whole book is available here:


To contact me, please use my e-mail address: tamria at hotmail dot co dot uk.

CAT Torres V said...

Hi All,

I just saw this and I hope I'm not too late to jump in! Thanks, Krista, for starting this.

1. Genre: Ashamed to say I'm not quite sure. I would say SF, but some SF writers have said it's more fantasy, while others say it's magical realism. Some writing buddies have likened it to Niffenegger's 'The Time Traveler's Wife'. I tend to think it's also similar to Meyer's 'The Host'. I loved both books, so I'm fine with the comparisons. Note: It's essentially a love story, so maybe it's romance.
2. Logline: Viv, a woman who travels through parallel universes and sees her different lives, must choose between the life she has and the one that might have been.
3. I need big-picture comments on plot, character development, voice,and the like. I'd like a critique on how effective the opening chapters are in drawing the reader into the story and generating empathy for the characters. I get line edits from my (awesome) writing group, but they see my work chapter by chapter and not as a whole, so I don't usually receive big-picture comments from them.
4. Email me at writer [at] cattorresv [DOT] com

I do hope I get some responses from this blog, but I'll also be contacting some of those who've posted their addresses directly.


Jamie Douglas said...

Hi everyone! Like the last person, hoping I'm not too late to the party. The details:

Genre: YA Fantasy

Summary: Mallory Hawkins – a sixteen year-old self-prescribed outcast without much talent for anything – believes nothing will change until she uncovers her role in a hidden magical society, one that demands she complete her transition into it or lose it altogether. Her power arrives late and incomplete, making her exceptional, but dangerous. Thus begins a whirlwind education from Colorado to Connecticut, seeking out specialists who will either help her or hinder her, all while struggling with loss of friendships, family, and an inconvenient romance.

Reader: I really just need someone to tell me if this is worth pursuing anymore. Been working on it for a couple of years and I'm starting to wonder if I should just put it away and get to work on something new.

If anyone has any further referrals on how to find beta readers, that would be great.

Email: jamiedougl (at) gmail.com

Ella Frank said...

Hi there everyone!

I am looking for a beta reader for a contemporary romance novel. It is part of a series and I am trying to establish and ongoing relationship with a good beta!

My story is currently in draft mode and is the second in the series.

Genre: Hot Contemporary Romance

Plotline thus far: A confident sexy doctor that has no trouble getting what she wants and is determined not to ever be taken advantage of, as she has been in her past.
She's looking for love in all the WRONG places and when it finally does show up it's in the form of a man she has no intention of tangling with, until she does.

Reader: I'm looking for someone to go over plot points, ideas, scenes, grammar and punctuation. I would love input on tightening the work up and the flow of it.

If you are interested I would love to hear from you.

My email is: ellafrank2012@gmail.com