Monday, October 17, 2011

Now Accepting Entries!

UPDATE: And that's a wrap! We've got our 20 entries! Look for those to go up first thing Wednesday morning (or later Wednesday morning, if you live on the East Coast)!

I'm now accepting entries for October’s round of "An Agent's Inbox"! Here's a quick refresher:

The Rules

1. To enter, your manuscript must meet two conditions: First, it must be COMPLETE, POLISHED, AND READY TO QUERY, and second, it must be in one of the genres The Agent represents (which are listed at the bottom of this post).

2. IF YOU PARTICIPATED IN ANY OF THE PREVIOUS ROUNDS OF “AN AGENT’S INBOX,” please DO NOT participate in this one UNLESS YOU HAVE A NEW MANUSCRIPT that meets the criteria listed above. I have a pretty good memory, and I will disqualify previous entries. If the entry slots don’t fill up by Tuesday, October 18, I may allow previous participants to enter (but to be honest, I’ll be surprised if we make it that far).

3. All entries must include A QUERY and THE FIRST 250 WORDS of your manuscript. You must paste these items IN THE BODY OF YOUR E-MAIL; otherwise, I'll disqualify it.

4. THE ENTRY WINDOW OPENS AT 10:00 A.M. EDT (OR 7:00 A.M. PDT). Once the entry window opens, I'll accept the first 20 entries. I won't accept any entries sent before the entry window opens or after the first 20 slots fill up.

5. If your entry makes it in, I'll send you a confirmation e-mail with a post number. If your entry doesn't make it in, I'll still send you an e-mail, but it won't have a post number.

6. If your entry makes it in, YOU MUST COMMENT ON AT LEAST 3 OTHER ENTRIES.

The Prizes The Agent, Kate Schafer Testerman* of kt literary, will select both the winners and the prizes. She might pick 20 winners, or she might only pick one. She might offer full requests, or she might only ask to see another page. It all depends on how good the entries are.

Please keep in mind that THIS CONTEST ISN'T FOR THE FAINT OF HEART. I've encouraged The Agent to treat the entries exactly as she would a normal batch of queries. Essentially, she’ll be answering the question, "How much of the entry did you read, and if you didn't read it all, why did you stop?" I think this process will be instructive for all of us, but if you enter, you need to be prepared to hear exactly what The Agent thinks of your query and first page.

The Genres

YA fiction (all subgenres)
MG fiction (all subgenres)

To enter, please send an e-mail with YOUR QUERY and THE FIRST 250 WORDS of your manuscript to kvandolzer(at)gmail(dot)com. And please, please, please remember to PASTE THESE ITEMS IN THE BODY OF THE E-MAIL.

*I know this probably goes without saying, but you should probably treat this round a little differently because you already know who The Agent is. Specifically, if Ms. Testerman has already rejected your query, YOU PROBABLY DON’T WANT TO ENTER UNLESS YOU’VE MADE SIGNIFICANT CHANGES TO YOUR QUERY AND/OR MANUSCRIPT. I’m not going to say you can’t enter (mostly because I have no way to police it), but you--and she--are going to get a lot more out of this contest if you enter something The Agent hasn’t seen before.


Cassie Mae said...

Yay! I'm excited for another round :)

K. L. Hallam said...

I was on the ready at ten am and sent my entry. But then I received nothing in return. No confirmation.
I went ahead and sent again, just in case my 10:00 was a few seconds ahead. (used computer time) I still haven't received confirmation. I get so nervous with these things.

Cassie Mae said...

I haven't received confirmation either, so I wouldn't worry about it yet. :) It may take a little bit :)

Anonymous said...

I stayed up all night because I wanted to enter early. I'm going to bed now. @_@


Anonymous said...

Thank you and Ms. Testerman for this contest. I'm sure that we are going to get some very valuable information. I'm looking forward to learning as much as possible.

Krista Van Dolzer said...

Karen, I saw your entry, but Cassie Mae, I don't think I saw yours! Let me go back and double-check...

Ninja Girl said...

I was really nervous, but I hit send :) Haven't received confirmation yet, but even if I don't make it in I'm excited to read the other entries.
Thanks Krista for this contest.
Ninja Girl

Kelly Bryson said...

What a great contest! One day you'll get an agent who reps adult fantasy, right? :) Have fun!

Krista Van Dolzer said...

Ninja Girl, I just responded to all the e-mails sent between then and now, so you should have a reply in your inbox! If you don't, let me know.

Kelly, I will! Actually, I think about you and your manuscript every time I set up one of these contests. The two rounds I did during the summer included adult fantasy (one was even specifically looking for adult paranormal romance), but those must have happened during your blogging break. I'll see what I can do for next time!

Cassie Mae said...

I got my confirmation Krista so no worries, thanks! :)

Krista Van Dolzer said...

Good news, Cassie Mae!

Ninja Girl said...

Got my confirmation, too!

Unknown said...

Woohoo! Thanks, Krista.

Leigh Ann said...

Yes yes yes yes YES!!!! My CP got in!

Can't wait. :)

Krista Van Dolzer said...

Great news, all! Looking forward to tomorrow!