Friday, June 19, 2015

Team Maries #5: TRUE NORTH

Genre: MG contemporary
Word count: 50,000


Makenna Reid has never had a best friend, finished two grades in the same school, or lived in a house without wheels. In her eleven years as a Coast Guard brat, Mack has learned not to get too close to anything or anyone--until her family is transferred to Seward, Alaska, and she moves in across the street from Travis O’Connell.

Travis and his sisters are living Mack’s worst nightmare, a parent lost at sea. When Mack overhears a fisherman who survived a terrible accident raving about “the seal people,” she suspects the icy waters of Resurrection Bay are hiding a secret--one that may be connected to the disappearance of Travis’s father. As the two friends search for answers together, Travis and the other residents of Bear Lake RV Park help Mack tear down the walls around her heart and carve out a place in the world for herself.

When tragedy threatens their new lives, Mack and Travis realize too late that the father he needs and the home she has always longed for were both right in front of them all along. They will need a little magic--and a lot of faith in each other--to attempt the daring rescue that can set things right.

First page:

I have the weirdest feeling that we have driven through a portal into a black-and-white movie. All the color has somehow leached out of the world, leaving everything varying shades of gray. Gray streets lined with gray buildings slope down toward the icy waters of Resurrection Bay. On every side, slate-colored mountains rise against the cloudy sky, and all over the ground the remains of the winter snow slump into heaps of grimy slush. Welcome to Seward, Alaska, population 1,863. It definitely does not look like the brochure.

I pull off my headphones and let them dangle around my neck. "No way," I say. "I am not living here."

Daddy turns around in the driver’s seat. “Why the attitude, Makenna? Five moves in eleven years, and you’ve never complained before.”

“We’ve never had a whole country between us and civilization before. I mean, look at this place.” I sweep my hand at the car window. “It’s like the armpit of the universe. I thought Alaska was supposed to be beautiful.” 

All those things may be true, but none of them are the real reason I’m being such a brat. Seward is the kind of place where Coast Guard dads get killed.

"Don't panic yet," Mama says. "Maybe the campground will be nicer."

Doubtful. I can tell from her strained smile that she doesn't really believe that, either.

The gravel road the GPS wants us to take does not look promising. It looks like something a bunch of teenagers would go down in a scary movie.

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