Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Great News for Great Friends

Liz and I have been friends since Kate signed us within a week or two of each other back in the spring of 2012, so when I found out that Albert Whitman wanted to buy Liz's latest sci-fi, I busted out my happy dance. The official announcement is over at Publishers Weekly, but if you don't feel like clicking, I've pasted it below:

"Wendy McClure of Albert Whitman has bought NA author Elizabeth Briggs's first YA project: a science-fiction novel called Future Shock plus a sequel. In the books, a Latina teenager raised in Los Angeles's foster care system with an eidetic memory is recruited by a tech company for a mission--a trip thirty years into the future. Publication is slated for March 2016; Kate Testerman of KT Literary brokered the deal for world English rights."


And in other awesome news, Amy's debut, RED BUTTERFLY, got its first review from Kirkus, and it happened to be starred. (I say "happened to be" like there was ever any doubt, but when I read RED BUTTERFLY many moons ago, it was already poignant and beautiful and everything you'd ever want from your award-winning MG. I'm sure it's only gotten better over time.) It's too long to paste below, but you should definitely check it out (and add it on Goodreads while you're at it!).

What about you? Any exciting news, writing or otherwise, that you'd like to share with us?


Elizabeth Briggs said...

Thanks Krista! <3

A.L. Sonnichsen said...

Yes, thank you, Krista! And Liz!! I'm bursting with happiness for you!! Eeek!

Annette T. Dodd said...

Congratulations, Liz!

Unknown said...

That's awesome! The book sounds exactly like something I'd buy. As far as my own news, An Uncommon Blue just came off the presses and I was pleased to see that they put Carrie Harris's endorsement on the front cover. :)

Krista Van Dolzer said...

My pleasure, Liz and Amy!

Thanks for stopping by, Annette!

Oh, that's awesome, Ryan. And congratulations on the blurb! (Also, that reminds me that I need to e-mail you...)