Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Beta Reader Browse, 2014 Edition

It's been forever since I hosted one of these meet-and-greets, so consider this my catch-up post. I know there are several dedicated websites that help writers find new beta readers/critique partners, but since I found ALL of my critique partners on a blog, I can't help but think that the old-fashioned way might still be useful:)

If you're looking for a beta reader/critique partner, leave a comment on this post with the following information:

1. The genre of your manuscript
2. A few sentences about it
3. What you're looking for in a beta reader/critique partner (e.g., a conceptual critique of your full manuscript, a line edit of your first three chapters, or whatever)
4. Your e-mail address

Happy meeting-and-greeting! (And don't miss the giveaway for S.L. Bynum's GRIM CRUSH!)


Claudia H Gruy said...
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Claudia H Gruy said...

He insists he had a normal life until he found out that his memories come from another world.
When my MC discovers a year has passed without him and his parents have died in his unknown absence the former exuberant child-singer and prankster lands emotionally on his face. He is left with the annoyed – or rather annoying - council of his inherited Duchy, obscure assistants, and amnesia supporting his irresponsibility. 108.000 words YA high fantasy novel
I never found Beta-readers here in Austria who are willing - or can - read in English and my crittergroup consists of soft pedaling tummyscratching people. Nice but not helpful.
I have been revising and editing for 6 month now - but it's rather frustrating on my own and I have returned a few chapters to their former self. Why? Because with all the rewriting I lost my voice and that can't be the point.
Also - with critter groups they read one chapter at the time - start anywhere, it's always new people who ask the same questions - but you can only get it if you read from start to finish. A couple wanted to know everything in chapter one and another bunch argued in later chapters that they had no clue what was going on. How if you haven't been there for the first couple of chapters. And why should I tell plot and how it's gonna work in chapter two? I wouldn't need the rest of the book if I did. Arrgh. lol. you see it's been frustrating. I am hiding under my carpet and my characters are starting to become neurotic. Well we all are ha.
I'd just like to find someone who will read it through and see how it works for teens 12up, if any major questions come up (and can't wait till book two),does the story work, are the characters sympathetic - believable,... So thanks for considering! Oh - and because of my bilingualism I sometimes have a unique voice - so that needs to work too...
How's that Krista?! (You asked for it, so the one hiding under the carpet peeks out anxiously) Cheers from Vienna!

Christa Hins said...
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Suja said...

My genre: YA contemporary. It has a defined mystery element and a romantic sub-plot.
I'm looking for betas who can read through and give me a general idea re: plot, pacing, any parts where the story gets stuck or doesn't flow, any part that seems contrived or has plot holes, and voice. I don't need line edits since I have some amazing CPs who help with that.
I can help with beta reading (on the things I mentioned above) and line edits. I believe in honest critiques, though, and strongly believe (from experience) that honest, but constructive critiques, are the most helpful.
My story pitch -To find her sister's killer, 17yo Mira must defy her strict Indian parents & help her dead friend's brother link the two deaths.
This is in dual POV.
email -

GSMarlene said...

Thanks for doing this Krista.

MG Sci-fi/Adventure

MIGHTY MIKE AND THE INTERSTELLAR CANDY DISPENSER - an 11yo boy meets an alien and finds out Earth's space program will be cut off from the rest of the galaxy unless someone agrees to study human reactions to candies from a dispenser which will determine which planets can be visited safely. The candies might give him temporary superhero powers.

I'm looking for a beta reader with specific experience in MG to help me catch words/phrasing too old for the market. I don't have time to swap critiques right now, but I love doing that and would in the future.

My email is writing(at)marlenemoss(dot)com

Zurrie Cortez said...

The Innocent Life is a YA paranormal fiction novel complete at 77,000 words which picks up at the very moment her father takes his last breath. Having no time to cope, Abbrielle struggles to regain the normality in her teenage life in an unfamiliar home in New York City. However, the definition of normal will forever be altered when Elijah, the Angel of Innocence, reveals his true identity after Abbrielle confirms her suspicions by narrowly escaping death a second time with him as her rescuer. But their complicated and growing relationship threatens the purity of Elijah’s soul, leaving Abbrielle as his only hope for redemption. Told from the perspectives of both Abbrielle and Elijah this unique love story is the first installment of a potential trilogy that encompasses Abbrielle’s abduction by demons, the choice between two loves, and an epic battle between Heaven and Hell.

I am searching for a critique partner who can be honest about plot and sentence structure. I love reading new material so I am open to any genre!

Thank you! Email me if you feel that we are a match. (:

Anonymous said...

Howdy, fellow writers!

My project is: MG Adventure/ Western with a paranormal twist

The premise is:

Peace has spread like plague in Valentine and other ghost towns across Middle Wild West. The greatest band of crime-fighting sketetons, Bones Wilder, Elsie Blackbone,Tony Phalanges, and Mad Maxilla have sunk into retirement until one night when the malicious Buzzards Gang comes for an unwelcome visit.

Put up to no good, the buzzards kidnap Sheriff Sternum's niece and give The Wilder Bunch until noon to find them and bring a hefty ransom. A clever twelve-year-old cowgirl called Lucky Penny witnesses part of the crime but knows she is unable to stop them alone.

Helping out The Wilder Bunch, Penny puts the clues together to find the sheriff's niece. But by getting involved, The Buzzards steal something of hers which she realizes is more valuable than her own bones- her pesky little sister, Birdie (who is just a skull). Risking her own skull, she must face the buzzards alongside The Wilder Bunch, or lose her sister forever.

I would love to get: beta readers for first 3 chapters (and more as project progresses), and/or a critique partner (or online group to swap manuscripts with). A SCBWI member would be a plus (I'm from the San Diego chapter)! I've beaten this project (through multiple revisions) over the head with my own hammer enough times, I'd love fresh eyes and perspectives.

Email: seshields (at) outlook (dot) com

Thank you, guys! And thanks again Krista for hosting this meet and greet!

Esther V. said...

Hi! My work is YA, set in-the-future.
Fast-forward time to 2543, the time period where it is set in. Jack Bennett is at the top of his game. He is second in command at the Detective Agency he works at, as well as father to two kids. He is perfectly happy, or so he thinks, even though he lost his wife a few years back. Except that someone enters his life. She's a member of the Underground Force, who use every power they can to defeat the government. While Jack solves her case, he discovers a secret that literally destroys his world.

This is incomplete, but I've come to a standstill, so I really need some new thoughts on how to make the story flow better, as well as other general corrections. I am glad to do the same. So, yeah, I would love a critique partner to review my script.

Email me at: