Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cover Reveal! DEMON DERBY by Carrie Harris

This is my first cover reveal, but when Carrie Harris tweeted about the opportunity to be a part of the blog tour (hosted by AToMR Tours), I jumped at the chance. I've been a fan of Ms. Harris's work since BAD TASTE IN BOYS debuted (in fact, I even wrote a review for it way back when), and her upcoming release, DEMON DERBY (Random House 2014), sounds just as engaging. Here's the pitch (and the cover!):

Casey kicked cancer’s ass. Now a demon wants to kick hers...

Casey hates being known as the girl who survived cancer. She wants people to treat her like her old self, fearless and strong. And after a creepy encounter with a crazy guy in an alley, Casey is all about reclaiming her power.

So when she has a chance to try out for the Apocalypsies roller derby team, she jumps on it. Being a derby girl would prove that she doesn’t need anybody’s pity. It doesn’t hurt that Michael, the team manager, is almost unnaturally hot. Which makes sense when Casey finds out that he’s not even human.

Michael’s got a secret: he trains demon hunters. That crazy guy in the alley? Demon. And the fact that Casey went head to head with evil and lived makes her a threat to demonkind. Casey thought she’d already fought and won the battle of her lifetime. But it’s only beginning...

Ms. Harris has an uncanny knack for combining humor, blood, and guts (in the best possible way), and DEMON DERBY promises to be no different. But I have a feeling DEMON DERBY will top both of her previous books. I remember reading a post a while back about the inspiration for the book (when I find it again, I'll add a link), so I know the subject matter hits especially close to home. When you write from your heart, it shows on the page.

Don't forget to add DEMON DERBY to your Goodreads list, and don't miss Ms. Harris's blog and Twitter feed! I promise she is just as funny in real life on the Internet as the characters are in her books. (I had to scratch that out when I realized I don't actually know Ms. Harris in real life, because after following her on Twitter for the last year, I feel like I do:) )

Thanks again, AToMR Tours, for putting together this blog tour (and for letting me be a part of it!


Natalie Aguirre said...

I love Carrie's books too. Love this cover and so excited for her. Plus I'm lucky I found out we live near each other. She's so nice.

Carrie Harris said...

Thanks for posting! Woot! I'm a cover reveal gateway drug! :)

Krista Van Dolzer said...

Natalie, I would love to live near one of my favorite authors! Then I could crash their launch parties:)

My pleasure, Carrie!

Kristin Rae said...

What a great cover! This book sounds super fun, as Carrie's books tend to be!