Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I’m thankful for a thousand things--literally, a thousand--but since listing all of them would make for an overly epic blog post, I want to focus on just one.
Really, we have so much of it. When you think about all the days and hours and seconds we’ve lived, our time is almost infinite. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.
It seems like, in the publishing industry, we want everything to go so fast. We lament that books take two years to hit the shelves. We wish that agents would respond more quickly. We wonder why these manuscripts take so freaking long to write. But I realized not long ago that I’m grateful for the time I’ve had. My writing is so much better now than it was three or four years ago, and I imagine it will be even better three or four years from now. Yes, perseverance and hard work are crucial, but both of those things take TIME. Time is what we really need. Time is what makes all the difference.
I used to want everything to happen right away--I wanted to be the next Stephenie Meyer--and there are still days and even weeks when I wish SOMETHING would happen now (or at least sometime in the next two months). But I’m not as frazzled as I used to be. I’m not in any hurry. Life will happen as it happens; I just have to learn how to enjoy the ride.

P.S. If you have a second, check out my interview with Kristina Perez of The Madeleine Project. I thought she asked some really interesting, non-writing-related questions.


Kristina Perez said...

So fun to have you! And you gave great answers ;-)

Michael G-G said...

Yes to all the above. Wonderful interview at The Madeleine Project too--although I was hoping you'd find a way to mention your love of tennis.

May good things happen to you on your writing journey--and very soon!

Tamara said...

Very good point. And so true. I'm VERY impatiently waiting to hear back from a few agents--and this is a good thing for me to read. Thanks for the reminder. :)

I'm going to check out that interview now.

Krista Van Dolzer said...

Thanks for inviting me, Kristina!

Oh, man, Michael, I should have worked my love of tennis into that interview somehow! And thank you for your kind words--I wish you the very best, too. I still remember SHAKESPEARE ON THE LAM and have to believe good things are headed your way, too.

You're welcome, Tamara. It was definitely an epiphany when it occurred to me that time is actually a good thing in this industry:)