Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Query Update

First off, some numbers:

Total queries: 33
Pending queries: 10

Minimum response time (requests): 0 days
Median response time (requests): 12 days
Maximum response time (requests): 30 days

Minimum response time (rejections): 1 day
Median response time (rejections): 3.5 days
Maximum response time (rejections): 22 days

In some ways, this seems a little counterintuitive. Why do agents take longer to request? Don’t they pounce on the manuscripts they’re interested in? Maybe they do if the concept’s super amazing, or if they wake up that morning and think, “Gee, I’d really love a YA space opera with a line-dancing ocelot,” and then one lands in their inbox.

More often, though, I suspect requests tend to take longer because agents are mulling them over. Mary Kole blogged about the way she tackles queries several months ago, and the moral of the story was, if you receive an insta-response from her, it’s probably an insta-rejection. That’s not always the case, of course, and every agent is different, but I think a lot more agents are quick to reject than are quick to request.

In other news, I’m happy to report I've only sent out nine queries since my last query update, so I’m definitely trying to be more conservative. Also, you’re probably wondering what happened to that partial-turned-full request I mentioned last month. (Or maybe you’re not. My life’s probably not as interesting to you as it is to me:) ) Well, it turned into a revise-and-resubmit a few weeks ago, and I’m pretty excited about it. The agent had some fantastic ideas, and I hope to be able to send off that revision sometime in the next couple of months.

In the meantime, it’s onward and upward. Even though I’m working on this revision, I still stand behind the original Bob. Because you never know when someone will come along and love him just as he is.

How’s everybody else doing? Did you survive NaNoWriMo? Any other good news (or bad news) you’d like to share with the rest of us?


Carol Riggs said...

Hey, we're always interested in what you're doing. We're writers too, and like others' journeys. Good luck with the revision! I think revision and more revision is the expected path to submission, from what I've heard.

I didn't do NaNo, just plugging away on my WIP, waiting for agents as you are. ;o)

Ben Spendlove said...

That's great, Krista. Good luck! It's looking like it'll take me three or four months to be ready to query. It's that "learn-as-you-go" writing school. Once I master one thing (meaning fix one set of big mistakes) there's another waiting.

Keep the updates coming!

Jenilyn Tolley said...

Congrats on the revise-and-resubmit! That's awesome. Good luck!!

Janet Johnson said...

Good luck with it all! So exciting for you about the revising opportunity. :)

Connie said...

Congrats on the R&R! You're definitely a step closer.

Pam Harris said...

Woo hoo for the R & R! :)

KarenG said...

It sounds like you are making wonderful progress, with some really positive things happening. Good luck on the rewrite and resubmit!

Nicole Zoltack said...

Good luck on the R&R! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

I won Nano and PiBo. Now I'm revising a different story and trying to finish the nano one. Lots of things on my plate right now.

Krista V. said...

Carol, I didn't do NaNo, either. I find it amusing that November happened to be my take-a-break month this year:)

Ben, it's a lot better to take your time on the front end than to try to cram a lot of revisions into the back end, after you've already started querying, so I think you've got the right idea. Good luck with that manuscript!

Thank you, Jeni!

Yeah, Janet, the R&R is a wonderful opportunity.

Thanks, Connie!

Pam, I'm woohoo-ing, too:)

Thank you, KarenG. No matter what happens from here, some wonderful things have already happened, and I can't lose sight of that.

Nicole, at the risk of sounding out-of-the-loop, what exactly is PiBo?

February Grace said...

Gee, I’d really love a YA space opera with a line-dancing ocelot,”

Now, that's a book I'd pay good money to read!

NaNo...I dragged across the finish line with my eyes closed (literally) am dying to start revisions but making myself wait awhile for perspective. Really, really difficult to wait this time...


Holly said...

Krista, best of luck to you with Bob as he is or with a fresh haircut and a new shirt. It sounds like such a great story.

I sent snail-mail queries a month ago to two agents who don't want a synopsis. No word yet. I've almost forgotten about them, to be honest. I'm going to wait until after the holidays/mid-to-late January to query everybody else. In the meantime, I'm writing some short stories and having a lot of fun.

Michael G-G said...

Good for you, Krista, you're an inspiration. I'll keep my fingers crossed for your R-n-R, as well as for BOB Mark 1.

I have a few queries out. Like you, most rejections have been swift.

I enjoy your blog and all the information you give us.

A.J. Cattapan said...

Your post made me feel better about my own querying experiences. A month ago, an agent was very quick to ask for a partial after my reading query, but she hasn't been as quick to respond since receiving the requested chapters. Your post is keeping me optimistic! :)

In the meantime, I did "win" NaNo, and now I'm taking a break before I revise.

Myrna Foster said...

I love it when you post query updates.

The last CP who read mine didn't think it had major pacing issues. He read it in less than a week and loved it. Of course, he read a different draft than my previous CP, so now I'm waiting to hear from the other two CPs it's out to.

Um, did I just type that? I haven't even read his critique (although I did read and respond to the e-mails, lots of e-mails). I meant to say that I'm completely consumed by my current rough draft ;)

Krista V. said...

February Grace, you are an inspiration. I'm awful at letting manuscripts rest.

Holly, your plan sounds like a good one. And I'm glad you're having fun working on some other things.

Michael, thanks for your kind note. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, too (and toes, just to be on the safe side).

A.J., congratulations on winning NaNoWriMo! That, in itself, is an accomplishment. And I hope you hear back from that agent soon. At first, the request itself is enough to keep you going, but after a while, you just want to know one way or the other.

Myrna, yay for being consumed by a rough draft! I know how that goes:) And I'm glad you like these query updates. (Although trust me, if anything REALLY exciting happens, you'll be one of the first to know:) )

Roberta Walker said...

I quit querying after 7 rejections. This was sort of my plan, I was just kind of "getting in practice" - can I pick myself up after rejection? Is my query lacking? Are my first 5 pages all wrong? I am proud to say I am still happy with my story and am diving into revisions (again) with a very optimistic attitude. Good luck with yours!!

Shari said...

Exciting news about the agent who requested the revisions/resubmittal! My fingers are crossed for you that Bob will find a wonderful home with someone who loves him just as much as you do. Keep us updated, and best of luck to you!

I'm still in the midst of querying, too. I have a full and a partial out right now, as well as eight queries (I always like to have ten options in play). It seems like a tricky time of year to be querying, what with the holidays and all, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for everyone with a "baby" out there to agents :)

Krista V. said...

Roberta, glad you're still working on that story. No reason to give up yet.

Thank you, Shari, for such a cheery comment. Fingers (and toes, as mentioned earlier) crossed for both of us!

Kristin said...

Krista, it sounds like you're on the right track for sure! Hooray for the request to R&R!

Love reading those updates... they keep me going knowing that others are in the same or similar boat. :)

A.L. Sonnichsen said...

Hooray for the math person who keeps stats on her queries! I would never think of doing that, but I'm so glad you do, because it's so interesting and informative. :) I'm very proud of you. Those are great numbers. And congrats again on the revision request. That's sweet. ;)


Jessie Oliveros said...

Wow, congratulations on the revise and resubmit. Your book looks very intriguing!

Elena Solodow said...

Congrats on the agent response!

I'm still gettin' rejections. Another query batch is going out in the new year.

Krista V. said...

Kristin, I'm glad you enjoy these query updates. Sometimes they feel a little too, I don't know, me-oriented, so it's good to know you're getting something out of them.

Amy, when you query LFH, I'll keep your stats for you:)

Jessie, thanks! And thanks for stopping by.

Elena, sorry about the rejections. Hopefully, that next batch of queries you send out will hit the sweet spot.

Stephanie@thecrackedslipper said...

That's great news on the re-write! In the meantime-- stand by your man Bob. Good luck! Writing, querying, blogging and mothering-- you have a hugely full plate!

Krista V. said...

Thank you, Stephanie! Your comment made me smile:)