Friday, November 20, 2009

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

With Thanksgiving approaching, my thoughts keep turning to the many things I’m thankful for. Of course I’m thankful for the usual things--my husband, my children, my good health, my nice home, my writing; in fact, I’d even go so far as to say that I’m deliriously grateful for these blessings. But today I want to focus on some of the smaller, less usual things that make my life a little nicer, a little easier, a little better. So here are a few of the little things I’m thankful for:

1. Word processors. I can’t help but wonder if I’d be a writer without one. I’m sure I would have started writing, since I didn’t use one as a child, but would I have kept up the hobby if my only instruments were still a pen and paper or, gasp, a typewriter? I honestly don’t know. I don’t like to think of myself as a lazy person, but I think we’re all given to the path of least resistance. So I’m thankful for word processors, which make writing practically painless (blood, sweat, and tears notwithstanding).

2. A toddler who sleeps eleven or twelve hours every night (and has since he was six months old). This one is especially apparent now that I have another kid who doesn’t:)

3. Garlic presses. Love the taste of garlic, hate the mess of chopping it. This small tool has got to be one of the greatest inventions known to man.

4. The Las Vegas-Clark County Library District. I live in a small town about eighty miles northeast of Las Vegas, so the local library is about the size of my quaint starter home. Thankfully, that tiny library is part of the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District, which moves more books than Butterball does turkeys. I (heart) LVCCLD.

5. Hand-me-downs (and the neighbors who keep bringing them). With all the money we’ve saved on toys and clothes, we could probably purchase a small island.

6. No-bake cookies. I recently rediscovered the joys of these childhood delicacies. All you need to make them is a few common pantry items and about ten minutes. And with three whole cups of oats in every batch, I’ve decided they’re even good for you, too:)

Well, those, in my book, are some of life’s little miracles. What are some of yours?


Myrna Foster said...

I love LVCCLD too, and I love my local librarians. They know all of our names and what our preferences are.

I love the way my little girl's hair curls perfectly, like I spent time working on it ;)

I love that one of our cats (we have two) always comes when I call him. It's most uncatlike (I'm coining a new word) of him.

And I really love not having the flu for most of the year. I get so much more done without it.

BTW - I was reading through some of your old posts, and I'm LDS too. And that's definitely a bright spot in my life too.

Krista G. said...

I figured you would be, Myrna:) And thanks for sharing some of your favorite things.