Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Query Update

What was it Mark Twain once said? “Lies, damn lies, and statistics”? (Although I recently read an article in READER’S DIGEST about famous misquoted and misattributed lines, and I’m pretty sure that was one of them.) Well, then, for what it’s worth, here are the numbers:

Total queries: 59
Pending queries: 15
Full requests: 1 (1 pending)
Partial requests: 6 (2 pending)
Rejections: 31
Non-responses: 6

Yeah, that non-multiple of ten up in the total queries count is driving my type-A personality crazy, too:) But I just didn’t have the time to dig up one more name, so I decided to leave it at that. I figure I’ll catch up the next time I fire off a round of queries.

You’ll notice I’ve added one more statistic to the list: the number of non-responses. I officially count it as a non-response once the query’s more than three months old (which you can read all about in this post, if you like), so I don’t have very many yet, since I’ve only been querying this manuscript for about four months.

Oh, yeah. I also picked up my first full request last week. I’m pretty excited about that, too:)


Holly said...

I just checked in to see how things are going. Congratulations on the full request!

You have a wonderful site, loaded with information.

Good luck!

Krista Van Dolzer said...

Thanks, Holly. Always nice to hear from you.