I give you all the blog posts and events I've ever organized for writers. If you're looking for more information on any of my ongoing series, including "Interview with an Agent," "Agent-Author Chat," or "An Agent's Inbox," please read on!

Interview with an Agent

This is the complete list of the agents I've interviewed, listed alphabetically by last name.

Meredith Barnes (no longer working as an agent)
Judith Engracia (no longer working as an agent)
Kate Epstein (no longer working as an agent)
Heather Evans (no longer working as an agent)
Naomi Hackenberg (no longer working as an agent)
Weronika Janczuk (no longer working as an agent)
Mary Kole (no longer working as an agent)
Vickie Motter (no longer working as an agent)
Brianne Mulligan (no longer working as an agent)
Lauren Ruth (no longer working as an agent)
Joan Slattery (no longer working as an agent)
Marissa Walsh (no longer working as an agent)

Agent-Author Chat

These are all the interviews I've done with an agent-author duo. They’re listed alphabetically by the agent’s last name (with the agent first, the author second).

An Agent's Inbox

"An Agent's Inbox" is exactly what it sounds like--one week every few months, I turn the blog into an agent's inbox, a public one. We get to see anywhere from 20 to 30 queries along with their first pages, and we get to hear what a bona fide agent thinks of each one.

The queries and first pages are yours, of course. I post a contest alert the Friday before the festivities begin, then accept entries the following Monday. I post those entries two days later, on Wednesday, and the entrants and anyone else who wishes to leave comments may do so until the following Monday or Tuesday, when I announce the winners. Those winners are chosen by The Agent, who leaves feedback on every entry, and he or she offers whatever prizes he or she wishes.

The Agent changes every round. Sometimes we know his or her identity upfront, and sometimes we don't. I like to keep things unpredictable:) If you'd like to check out past rounds of "An Agent's Inbox," the links below will help you navigate them:

The Agent
The Winners
Kate Schafer Testerman (known)
Taylor Martindale (known)
Katie Shea (known)
Victoria Marini (known)
Melissa Sarver (known)
Bridget Smith (known)
Sara Sciuto (known)
John Cusick (known)
Emily Gref (known)
Renee Nyen
Melissa Jeglinski (known)
Brent Taylor (known)
Patricia Nelson (known)
Jennifer Johnson-Blalock (known)
Uwe Stender